Wednesday, February 13

I'm tired

Hello my friends!
It's very busy week. I'm so tired. I don't have to time to sleep, not to mention that to write a post in my blog. I have a lot of home work, but I want so badly watch a "The Carrie Diaries" today. Okay. Now I have to do geography and I really don't want it because it boring. And for tomorrow I did a project about RSPCA, and I want to tell you that If you live in England please join in this charity organization. I think it's good helping someone, especial if it's an animal. Become a volunteer is a perfect!
Bye xoxo
- Anastasia ♡

Sunday, February 10

A little bit of optimism.

Heeey :)
YEAHHHH tommorow is MONDAY! And I'm the only person in the world who love Mondays! First reason why I like Mondays that I will see my school friends. Second, will the new episode of The Carrie Diaries! Yeaaah! I'm so loving this TV show. I think it's really cool.
And of course Monday it's like a start of something new. It's like a new page in life. I think all of us just must learn how to love this an amazing day! You really have to do this! Okay my very optimistic post is over. And I wish you a good week and unforgettable weekends.
- Anastasia ♡


HI people!
I had some problems with my Internet, that's why I don't wrote few days.
This weekend were amazing! I went shopping and bought some cool things!
First of all I bought a pretty floral pink dress! In this dress I feel like I'm a princess :)

Then I bought a high heels shoes and nice black purse.

And of course new accessories, blue bracelet and butterfly necklace. Oh I love them so much !!

I feel so happy right now! And I can't wait to wear all of my new clothing!
- Anastasia ♡

Friday, February 8


Good morning!
Today i plan go to the center of the city and go shopping. Now I'm eating my breakfast. I'm eating a chocolate pancakes, and they're sooo tasty!!
Yesterday I started read an amazing book. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Oh I'm in love with this book. It's so interesting! Actually I already saw a movie with gorgeous Emma Watson, but of course the book is much better! So if you don't read this book yet, just do it! You will not regret about it, I promise!
Thats all!
In the evening I will write about my trip to the city center, and I will post some new photos yeeeah haha
- Anastasia ♡

Thursday, February 7

7th of January

Hi guys!

All day I was at home, because I have a cold. And I hope your day was better than my :) But it's okay. I ate fruits and watch a nice movies. Today i watched a "Madagascar 3" and "Paris when it sizzles" with Audrey Hepburn ( who is my favorite actress). And I want to say that is it's really great movies, especially second. Audrey was pretty amazing like always! Actually I want to look like her, but not so slim! haha

Now I want go for a walk with my dog or watch another good movie.